The Innocence Project, run by a group of Law Students at Cardiff University have successfully overturned a criminal conviction for the second time. 

After spending six years working through the case of Gareth Jones, who had been convicted of sexual assault, the team were able to overturn Mr Jones' conviction. 

The students were assisted by a number of solicitors and barrister who undertook the work without payment on a pro-bono basis. 

Mr Jones' conviction was overturned following further evidence that the injuries sustained by the victim could have been caused by a serious of medical mishaps and that Mr Jones should have been given more support for his learning difficulties.

This example goes to highlight the importance of legal representation, and the vital and dedicated work of pro-bono student teams. As well as providing these future lawyers with valuable experience, they undertake important work in helping those who may not otherwise have fair representation or even have had their cases forgotten. 

Without this review, and overturned conviction, Mr Jones would have spent even longer in prison, and been required to sign the sex offenders register.