After around 11 years of marriage, Prince Louis Xavier of Luxembourg and his wife, Her Royal Highness Princess Tessy divorced in 2018. Princess Tessy issued financial a financial remedy application in the English jurisdiction for a share of the matrimonial finances.

The princess, who was the daughter of a roofer and not of royal descent came under great scrutiny from the media who branded her a 'gold-digger.' The criticisms from the media was so strong that the Judge hearing the matter, Mr Justice MacDonald felt the need to defend Princess Tessy stating, 'The fact that the wife chose in these circumstances to pursue financial remedies, as is her right in accordance with the law, does not act to equate her with those people who cynically form relationships with partners in order to obtain money or status.'

Princess Tessy was forced to represent herself in the proceedings before the court, stating she could not afford legal representation. It is currently believed in around 80% of family proceedings before the court, at least one party is a litigant in person.

Despite Prince Louis' family providing a high level of financial support to the family, the Judge ruled that they could not be deemed as a 'resource' and calculated the Princes' income and assets based on the financial payments given by his family to him directly. 

Whilst not all marriages will involve the support of royalty, this case does set a relevant precedent that financial support from parents of one of the parties is not considered to be a 'resource' in the same way as salary or fixed income would be.

Princess Tessy indicated she was disappointed in the outcome and was considering an appeal, but it would appear this will not be forthcoming.