Following my previous article on 13th February 2019, in relation to the first UK conviction for female genital mutilation the mother has now received a 13 year old prison sentence.

The mother, who cannot be named for legal reasons, a 37 year old Ugandan was convicted in early February, with the girl's father being cleared of all charges after less than a day of deliberations.

A total 13 year prison sentence was given, 11 years for female genital mutilation and a further 2 years for possession of indecent pornographic images.

In sentencing, Justice Philippa Whipple described the mother's actions as 'a barbaric practice and a serious crime,' and describing the mother as having betrayed her daughter's trust.

When searching the home address, the police found a number of other items relating to witchcraft and it is believed this may have been the motivation and reason behind this crime.

The daughter, who must also remain anonymous is also said to be recovering well, but is likely to experience reduced sexual sensation in the future as well as long-term psychological damage.

This is the first conviction, and also the first jail sentence in the UK for Female Genital Mutilation and with the government still trying to push through the change in the law to amend the Children Act to protect children from Female Genital Mutilation it would appear this issue is very much in the public eye.