Three years ago, a man (who has not been named by the court) issued and filed divorce proceedings with the court. Believing everything to be well, he met and married his second wife, only to find out some three years later his divorce had not been finalised as he had ticked the wrong box on a form!

The man, who was afraid he may be prosecuted for bigamy given that he had married a Brazilian woman (Brazil being a country where bigamy is illegal) has now been granted his divorce as a finality, his argument that the divorce had been in good faith being upheld. 

Sir James Mumby highlighted that, irrespective of the man ticking the wrong box in the first place, this still involved a series of failings by court staff and Judges who had also not picked up on the mistake.

It is known the courts already under pressure from lack of staffing. Is this only going to lead to further oversights, due to overworked court staff and Judges?