Insurance company, Protectivity, have published the results of their nationwide survey for the most stressed professionals and cities across the country, with the Legal Profession being the second most stressed profession behind Human Resources. 63% of those asked in the legal profession were reporting stress on a daily basis.

Cardiff was found to be the most stressed city in the county, with Southampton coming 4th.

The survey also looked at causes of stress in different age groups and ways to 'stress bust.'

Carlisle legal firm, Wragg Mark-Bell, have let staff bring dogs into the office to create a more relaxed environment, even allowing staff to borrow dogs to take them for a lunchtime walk.

In a society where mental health wellbeing is becoming more prominent, whether you are an employee or an employer, it's important to look after yourself and those around you, taking time out to look after yourself. People are conscious of looking after their physical health and mental health wellbeing should be equally as important.