Psychologists have published their findings following studies into what makes a successful relationship, or causes a partnership to fail. This included key questions that you should ask on a first date to determine the key values of your potential suitor. 'How did you vote on Brexit?' was their top question.

Other questioned included, 'what do you spend most of your money on?', 'if you lost your wallet do you think it would be returned?' and 'what was your last holiday?' The question about what a person spends their money on is to give an idea as to their spending and relationship with money, a common source of arguments within a relationship. Research would suggest a person who thinks their partner spends money foolishly is 45% more likely to divorce.

The wallet question is to determine a person's trust levels, and holidays were raised to find out about a person's character, including how outgoing and extroverted they are, along with assessing their level of thrill and adventure seeking.

So next time you you meet a potential Mr/ Mrs Right, introduce yourself and use the ultimate ice-breaker - asking how they voted in Brexit!

Hmmm... maybe not.