Marlene Schiappa, the French Minister for Gender Equality, has announced measures to protect the rising number of domestic violence victims following the imposed lockdown.

Since the lockdown has been put in place, there has been a 36% increase in the number of reported incidents of domestic violence in Paris and a 32% rise throughout France.

The French government have promised to pay for 20,000 hotel nights for victims, as well as arranging 20 pop-up counselling centres.

There is a worrying trend in increased reports of domestic abuse and violence in countries where lockdown has been imposed.

In the UK, if you are feeling at risk but unable to speak on the telephone you can telephone 999 and then dial 55 for a 'Silent Solution' where the operator will listen in to the call and forward this to the police. This can allow the matters to be referred to the police where somebody is unable to speak on the telephone.

Dutton Gregory's family team are still working remotely, and available to offer advice, support and assistance in relation to all areas and can offer telephone or video appointments.