For a long time, the Duchess of Cornwall has sought to raise awareness of domestic abuse issues, and has recently used her article in The Guardian to highlight that, although lockdown restrictions are being eased, for many people there is still no escape from their abusers.

The Duchess of Cornwall has urged people to 'reach in' and contact family and friends who they believe may be suffering domestic abuse.

The Duchess is a patron of the 'SafeLives' charity and has spoken to many people who suffered abuse over lockdown, many of whom she fears will be unable to seek help and support following the end of lockdown.

She also highlighted the national 'UK Says No More' campaign where companies such as Boots, Morrisons, Royal Mail and Superdrug offer safe spaces in their stores for private consultations for people to seek support and someone to talk to. 

The lockdown forced many people to be isolated from family and friends and stuck with their abusers. The Duchess is highlighting that the media have the power to highlight this issue and provide a voice to victims to enable them to speak out.

Victims of abuse can feel unable to speak out so if you believe you know someone who may be suffering abuse, it's important you 'reach in' to support them. 

More information about SafeLives can be found at: Support and assistance from the National Domestic Abuse Helpline is also available at: or freephone on their 24 hour helpline 0808 2000 247.