Yesterday, BBC news reported that the coronavirus pandemic was creating an "enormous strain" in relationships and were predicting a post-lockdown divorce boom.  

As we all know, relationships are complex and the cause of a relationship breakdown can be caused by many factors.  Lockdown gave us all much time to think about our lives, and for those who were already considering separation, this may have cemented their decision.  

The press always report that the 4th January is 'Divorce Day', citing that there is an increase in divorces.  This is a myth.  Likewise, the coronavirus pandemic itself, will not cause a surge in divorces. However, those contemplating separation may have reached a firm decision during this period, as they had time to think it through thoroughly.

If you and your former partner want to resolve matters, there are many options available to you including mediation, collaborative law as well as solicitor negotiation. These processes support you and your former partner to work together to decide arrangements for any children once you have separated, and how money and assets (such as the family home) will be divided between you.  

Therefore, by taking control and avoiding attending court, it is possible to have a “good” divorce and members of the Dutton Gregory Family team will be able to assist you and guide you through the process.